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Hai I'am Sidek Fadhil or my nickname cidek . I'am 16 year old . Stay at Perak . Nice to meet you !


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Win the Debate ! Happy ? Of Course La !XD

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Phone : 017-4384934
E-mail : c_deq97@yahoo.com


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Unforget Misery !

Assalamualaikum .
Diperli , dihina , dipinggirkan , disindir . did you know this word belong to ? kepade org yang tak bersalah yang difitnah oleh rakan paling hampir dengan ak . This misery make me to turn to be an hopeless and foolish guy . Why Me !! . ape teruk sangat ke Co--le tu . Huh ? I not touch her , like some other kind of boy or something else . What the ---- ! Why this human just spotted to me ? Ehh , jgn jage tepi kain org la , kalo nk jage tu tgk keadaan la . Can you even thing it ? Maybe you read my status that mention " Okey fine , I love You from behine ' and you all make the point of view of the wrong perspective ! Are you all enjoy looked me like this , Huh ? 
Okey fine go on ! 

Untuk Awak my Vampire Girl , I sorry . because of me you involve in this worse misery . 

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